Social media sites can be an essential tool for your business. However, if your business’s social media presence is going to make an impact, you need to think strategically. Whether your business keeps things quick with Twitter, gets professional with LinkedIn, or reaches out to a wide audience on Facebook, it’s important to use that strategy to ensure that customers and potential customers see your posts. Here are five social media tactics that you should never overlook.

  1. Posting Consistently:
Social media moves fast, so your business needs to post regularly to keep up with this constantly moving setting. Posting on a consistent schedule will keep your business top of mind for your customers and ensure that your posts are seen. This doesn’t mean posting constantly, however—too many posts and you are bound to overwhelm even your most loyal customers, so be sure to find the balance that keeps your customers engaged.
  2. Use Hashtags
:Whether you’re working on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, hashtags are an essential element of social media usage. If you’re less familiar with hashtags, think of them like a label on a file folder—they let you quickly see more information on the same topic. Hashtags are a good way to ensure that people looking for #print will see you. If you want to know more about hashtag strategy, take a look at this post from Sprout Social.
  3. Use Social Media for Customer Service
:Did you know that 67% of businesses use social media for customer service? One of the facts of social media is that customers will use whatever method is convenient to reach out to you when they have a question or concern. This can be great—it gives you a chance to show off your business’s quality customer service—but it also airs that customer concern and your response in a public place. This puts additional pressure on you to have a positive interaction. Be sure that you are prepared for that potential customer service moment.
  4. Get Visual
:If your social media feeds are anything like mine, they’re probably full of photographs of friends’ babies, vacations, and shiny new products. And some social media sites like Instagram, for example, are all about the visuals—photos are the backbone of their posts. When you’re posting on social media for your business, it’s important to make this visual element a part of your strategy. Photos make it easy for customers to browse your posts, so having eye-catching photos will help them know whether or not to read the text that accompanies them.
  5. Being Human
:It’s easy to have this point get lost in all of your strategies, but don’t be afraid to be human when talking on social media. Many businesses use social media as a slightly more informal way to communicate with their customers, and it’s a great chance to let your personality shine through. Not only will this keep your words from feeling faceless, but it also gives your customers something to connect with on an emotional level.